"To add a library to a house is to give that house a soul."

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Accelerated Reader

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Kirkham Grammar School Library is a reflection of the inclusive education provided by all staff. It is available to all members of the school community and it provides for academic research, curriculum support and 'reading for pleasure'. Should the extensive stock of approximately 11,000 items be unable to answer the query, it is possible to access the British Library, comprising in excess of 10 million books and journals; Sixth Form students have found this an invaluable resource. Classes can be brought in to research particular topics and pupils are taught the skills to equip them as independent learners.

There is a separate fiction section for both adults and pupils and this area is well used at lunchtime, afternoon break. All pupils in the First and Second Year have a Reading lesson in the Library each fortnight, during which they can change their books and undertake the Accelerated Reader Programme.

Newspapers and magazines are available as well as a Careers Section and the School Archives. There are six computers and twenty tablets available to use with full access to the Internet.

All users are encouraged to put forward requests for the purchase of specific titles and these items are purchased whenever possible.


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