Many Sixth Formers take part in the CCF and play a vital role in its organisation and management.

Sport also plays a large role in the life of many students, demanding a high level of commitment and organisation.

Those who choose to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme are encouraged to use the Wednesday afternoon activity periods to undertake the voluntary service section of the Award.

The school's many clubs and societies rely on Sixth Formers for their range of activities.  Sixth Formers also act as mentors and guides for younger pupils.  Indeed, this is a unique feature of 11-18 schools; we can offer many opportunities for Sixth Formers to develop vital skills in leading and caring for younger pupils.

Extended Project Qualification

The school offers all students the opportunity to undertake an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

The EPQ is an opportunity for students to investigate in depth an area outside their studies for A-level, producing an extended report not unlike a thesis in higher education.

The EPQ requires the student to take on their chosen task under the supervision of the school, but with no directly taught input.  Students are encouraged to use research and investigative skills, and are given the support of the Library.

An EPQ is normally researched and prepared in the Lower Sixth, then written up during the summer break and first half of the Upper Sixth Year.

Universities are highly supportive of the EPQ, often allowing students access to further research material.  Many universities will acknowledge the completion of an EPQ within their A-level grade offer.