School Curriculum - Modern Languages


"Monolingualism can be cured."

We aim here at Kirkham Grammar School to encourage our pupils to understand and communicate at an appropriate level in French, German and Spanish, countering the all-too popular notion that the British cannot speak other languages.  All pupils are also encouraged to gain an understanding of and an insight into contemporary France, Germany and Spain.

Appropriate ICT tasks are offered at all levels on a regular basis to practice and extend material taught.

We offer modern language teaching which is both rigorous and enjoyable to foster good learning and promote a European perspective.

Lower School

French and German topics covered include self, family and friends, school, house and home, travel, shopping, leisure, lifestyle and health. Grammar covered includes the present, imperfect, perfect and future tenses, adjectives and pronouns.

Spanish topics include greetings, numbers, family, food and drink, describing people, town, hobbies and school. Grammar covered includes present, past and future tenses, negatives, questions and instructions.

Middle School

We offer French, German and Spanish at GCSE.

The AQA syllabus covers topics within three broad themes:

  • Identity and culture;
  • Local, national, international and global areas of interest; and
  • Current and future study and employment.

Grammar topics covered in Lower School are revisited, along with additional tenses and, where appropriate, the more complex grammar concepts required for the highest grades at GCSE.


We offer French, German and Spanish at A level.

The AQA syllabus explores a range of topics within the wider themes of social issues and trends, political and artistic culture, and literary texts and films.

Grammar covered at GCSE is revisited and extended, to include more advanced language concepts such as the passive, subjunctive and modality.


Lower School European Trip (France, Germany or Spain).

GCSE and Sixth Form visit to Nice and/or Paris.

GCSE and Sixth Form visit to Spain.