The Governors of Kirkham Grammar School are also Directors and Trustees of the Company. They determine the general policy of the School, delegating its day to day management to the Headmaster and his Senior Leadership Team.

The Governors number currently 12 and are appointed at either the Annual General Meeting or General Meetings.

Potential Governors are nominated by past or present Governors, the Headmaster or other professional groups. The Governors follow their Recruitment and Selection of New Governors Policy when selecting and appointing new Governors.

Governors' Training

New Governors are inducted into the workings of the School, both as a Company and as a Charity, being by an initial induction and invited to attend all of the Sub-Committee Meetings, as well as the Board Meetings, in their first year of appointment. In addition they are provided with guidance from both AGBIS (Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools) and ISC (Independent Schools Council), and are given the opportunity to attend relevant training courses.

Organisational Management

The Governors generally meet three times a year. There are, in addition, five Sub-Committees; comprising of Finance and Development; Curriculum and Pupil Affairs; Personnel; Boarding House and Development. These Sub-Committees meet once per term. Governors also hold an Annual Liaison Meeting with staff representatives. Further meetings are held in order to address specific issues such as Strategic Planning or Building Projects. Governors also have Representatives to oversee different aspects of the school, ie Health and Safety; Child Protection; Combined Cadet Forces (CCF); Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Learning Support.

Mr A R Berry  
Mr J A Borradaile

CCF Advisor

Associate Governor to November 2019

Mrs R F Cartwright

Vice Chairman of the Governing Body (and)

Child Protection & Safeguarding and Learning Support Representative

Mr S D Fulford-Brown Associate Governor
Dr J B Johnson

(Interim) Chairman of Curriculum & Pupil Affairs Committee (and)

Health & Safety Representative

Mr J A B Kelsall (Interim) Vice Chairman of Curriculum & Pupil Affairs Committee
Mr J S Kollard

Chairman of the Finance and Development Committee Encompassing Premises, Marketing and Health & Safety Committee (and)

Chairman of Boarding House Committee

Vice Chairman of Development Committee

Mr P R A Ribchester Mr P R A Ribchester
Mr M H Thomson  
Mrs L Wareing

Chairman of the Governing Body (and)

Chairman of the Personnel Committee (and)

Child Protection & Safeguarding and Learning Support Representative

Mr M R P H D Wheatley  
Mr S A Wilkinson Chairman of the Development Committee