Boarding at Kirkham Grammar School is a popular option for Sixth Formers. The mixed Boarding House caters for approximately 65 students in a warm, friendly and caring community which really is as close to home as we can make it. Numbers of Sixth Form boarders have grown steadily over the past five years and at present make up over half of the total.

All Sixth Form boarders have either shared or single study facilities. Outside normal school hours they have access to two Boarding House Common Rooms and the extensive range of school facilities. The Boarding House has its own computer network giving access to the Internet. The Sixth Form boys' accommodation was recently completely refurbished to a very high standard, in keeping with that provided for the girls. Further refurbishment has subsequently been carried out in the recreation areas providing excellent facilities.

We see the development of leadership and management qualities as an important part of the personal development of a Sixth Form boarder.  All Sixth Form boarders assist the Housemaster and House Staff in the general day running of the House and so they are all given the opportunities to develop their managerial skills and leadership potential. The Head Girl and Head Boy are key figures in coordinating much of this work and, to assist them, they have a team of House Prefects who are chosen from the House Sixth Formers. The Prefects are major leaders in the House and they manage a team of boarders in ensuring that certain House tasks and routines are fulfilled. All these senior pupils play a major role in the mentoring and guidance offered to all new pupils. Staff are always available for help and guidance, either in academic, sporting or more personal matters to ensure a happy and successful transition to higher education.

Arrangements can easily be made for students to experience a trial night, weekend or week.