Thank you for taking the time to consider Kirkham Grammar Junior, Infant and Pre-School for your child’s education.

I am confident that you will discover a setting unlike any other when visiting our school. KGJS offers a rigorous education enhanced by many high-quality co-curricular opportunities. We believe that your children should be given enriching experiences at school; with the support and guidance of our committed and skilled staff, they will learn to recognise and develop their abilities, constantly striving to do their very best. Every individual thrives here.

We make sure that each member of our school community is kind, caring and personable. Ultimately, in all that we do, we ensure that your children are happy, adeptly supported and encouraged to succeed. Given the right start in life, young people are capable of achieving great things.

I offer you a warm invitation to come and visit our dynamic setting in order for you to experience for yourself everything that KGJS has to offer. 

Mrs Kirsten O’Donoghue, Headmistress