Kirkham Grammar School is not a Boarding School, it is a day school with a boarding section. It is also quite unique!  We believe Kirkham Grammar School to be the only Independent School in the country with just one, single, co-educational Boarding House that caters for an age range from 11 - 18 years.

We are able to accommodate a maximum of approximately 70 girls and boys comfortably, and in a time when boarding seems to be on the decline nationally, our numbers have held firm.  It is a pupil centred environment that is organised along the lines of a normal, everyday family home with our major priorities being; safety, happiness and social/academic success.  Recently, a great deal of building and refurbishment has taken place to make it a real "home from home" experience.

Boarders, both girls and boys, are now accommodated in 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedded rooms, with all students having study facilities. Boarders spend 35 weeks of the year with us and they are actively encouraged to personalise their rooms as they wish. It is a safe, caring and happy community that allows pupils, who otherwise would find it difficult to benefit from the excellent education that Kirkham Grammar School has to offer.  It has a most distinctive atmosphere, felt by all who visit, and a totally committed staff. Prefects are chosen from the Upper Sixth and assist the House Staff in the general day-to-day running of the House.  Normally there are two House Captains, one of each sex, who together co-ordinate much of this work, with every Sixth Former given the opportunity to develop managerial and leadership skills so vital for success in later life.