“Art is not just a subject to learn, but an activity that you can practise with your hands, your eyes, your whole personality.” Quentin Blake

We believe Art is an integral part of a child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. The purpose of Art and Design is to stimulate creativity, imagination and self-awareness, allowing pupils to share their ideas and experiences, make accurate observations, edit, and improve their work. 

We endeavour to give pupils an expansive range of opportunities for experimentation, in order to develop a wide range of Art and Design skills, techniques and concepts. We educate pupils on a range of artists and designers throughout history and place a particular emphasis on progress in drawing, painting and sculpture. Art is taught as both a stand-alone subject and across the curriculum. We believe it is vital that pupils are given countless opportunities to express themselves through Art and to ensure that we encourage a passion for the subject. Therefore, we enter both National and Local Art competitions throughout the year, in which Kirkham Grammar Junior School has been very successful. Art trips are organised for pupils across the Key Stages, which offer experiences outside the classroom. We provide several Art and Design clubs throughout the school year, including ‘Infant Art Club’, ‘Lower Junior Art Club’, ‘Craft Club’, ‘Sewing Club’ and ‘Photography Club’.

We place emphasis on celebrating Art in order to build confidence, encourage development and highlight success. Therefore, each term we give pupils the opportunity to have their artwork displayed in our ‘Barrie Edgar Art Gallery’ and to be celebrated in front of the school community. 

In order for each child’s creative potential to flourish, we encourage our pupils to adopt an ethos of Pablo Picasso’s famous words: “Every child is an artist”.