At Kirkham Grammar Junior School, we believe it is highly important to broaden pupils’s learning by providing them with engaging learning opportunities in Design and Technology that develop a range of practical skills, whilst nurturing their creativity and innovation through designing and making. Our program of study runs as part of our weekly ‘Arts’ curriculum throughout all Junior School classes and at various stages throughout the Infant School. Strategic planning allows cross-curricular links with other subjects, especially science and computing. Pupils learning can be further enhanced through our co-curricular programme, including a popular Young Engineers Club. 

Our carefully chosen projects allow pupils to investigate, design, make and evaluate a range of ‘real’ products for ‘real’ purposes. Topics range from Kites to lighthouse, shelters to electric cars and rescue vehicles to sandwiches to mention just a few. Teaching and learning within the subject is enhanced with our Designated Technology Room with a range of hand tools, vacuum former, band saw, pillar drill, computer based 2D Design and much more. As a Junior School we also have excellent links with our Senior School Design Technology Department with J3 and J4 pupils visiting for workshops and various projects. This allows the expertise of personnel as well as state of the art facilities. For example, this is fully utilised during our J4 Clocks project with the use of their laser cutters. 

The study of designs and products from the past and present allows the pupils to make informed decisions during the planning and development process, whilst practical, hands-on experiences and activities develop skills and understanding of tools and materials. In addition, throughout the process, importantly pupils develop an understanding of how to work safely both for themselves and those around them. Through Design and Technology, we hope that our pupils not only become more informed and inquisitive about the world around them, but more importantly, creative problem solvers and potential innovators and engineers of the future.