Learning a new language, builds pupils’ self-confidence, broadens their horizons, improves their literacy and develops their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Primary pupils are very receptive to learning a new language learning. They are willing and able to copy the pronunciation without inhibitions and their sensitive ears help them pick up on and duplicate tricky sounds that adults often find difficult.

At Kirkham Grammar Junior School, the pupils learn French, which is taught in weekly one hour sessions. The focus is on developing and nurturing their interest in the language, developing good pronunciation and listening skills, while developing an awareness of the basic grammar rules. The pupils learn common words and specific vocabulary related to topics such as; family members, pets, personal descriptions, daily routine, sport, school, directions and ordering items at a café. Learning activities are varied and include; authentic French games, stories, and songs, role-plays, these are supported by reading and writing exercises. ICT is regularly used in meaningful contexts for the development of communication skills.

What will I study?

The pupils are taught to know and understand how to:

  • ask and answer questions
  • phonics
  • use correct pronunciation
  • memorise words
  • interpret meaning
  • understand basic grammar
  • work in pairs and groups to communicate in French
  • read from a variety of authentic texts
  • write words, phrases and sentences using a model
  • write from memory, using their knowledge of sounds and spellings
  • look at life in another culture.

The pupils’ progress is monitored during the French lessons, and there is an end of a topic assessment, which is used to support teaching and learning and to inform future planning.

Parents receive a written comment on their child’s progress, which is included in the end of year report.